How does this work?

My Blue Thoughts started as a box on Lauv’s merch table, with paper scraps and pencils at the ready for fans who needed to get something off their chests. It’s Lauv’s hope that the catharsis many fans felt by sharing their anonymous notes can be amplified in this new online edition.

My Blue Thoughts uses Microsoft AI to identify connections based on your messages. It’s a great reminder of the universality of both our struggles and our joys. Share your own blue thought by snapping a selfie and either recording an audio reply or typing in a response to the question, “What’s on your mind?”. Microsoft’s AI technology is used to transcribe your message and analyze it for relevant terms and topics that are showing up around the world.

Then, your message, image, and keywords are uploaded to the world map, showing the location of every “blue thought” — including yours. Thanks to Microsoft’s Translation API, we can find matching key phrases in 8 different languages.

Explore the world map by keyword or location to discover how others are feeling and what’s on their minds.

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